Club Minutes: The Wednesday Club, 1923-1926

Bound ledger containing original, handwritten minutes from October 1923 to December 1926 for The Wednesday Club society located in Sandy Spring, Maryland. The Wednesday Club is a member of the Greater Federation of Women's Clubs and has met continuously since January 1904.


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Page 26

Invecauld. Feb. 27th, 1924.

The meeting on Feb. 27th was called to order by our VicePresident, 3lizabeth T. Stabler. The usual order of business was followed and the constination caused by the wrong program be ing in the minutes of the preceeding meeting is impossible with my abilities to depicf. Just imagine Edith Thomas's feelings when her name was read as having that afternoons program when she did not have it al all, and Emma Bond's who had prepared hers. Marianna Miller would have been shocked too, but she was away and Eleanor who brought the paper was spared these feelings as she could not arrive till just in time to read. The mixup was finally straightened, the Sec. apologized and then the minutes with this correction were addopted. And all this happened at the first meeting held with Anna Farquhar in her little new home where we were given a most hospitable welcome and straightway felt at home.

The tentative program prepared by the program committee was presented as follows:

I. Colonial Period. New England type of settlers. Virginia Type of settlers. Wm. Pemm's settlement. Dutch, Spanish, and French elements. Forms of government. Relations with foreign countries-England, France, Holland& Agriculture, Commerce and Transportation. The Indians Architecture. Colonial Churches. Art: Stuart, the Beales, Benj. West.& Reviews of novels of dealing with time.

II. REVOLUTIONARY PERIOD Causes of Revolution. Campaigns. Effects of war on living condition. Famous men here and abroad. Sketches of Bebedict Arnold and Nathan Hale. Art and literature of period.

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Page 27

-2Invecauld. Feb. 27, 1924.

III. CONSTITUITIONAL PERIOD. Federal Union. Framing and adoption of Constitution. Growth of Union. Alexander Hamilton. Money and Finances. Monroe Doctrine. Art, Literature.

IV Pioneer Period.----The Westward Course of Empire.


It was discussed but there seemed no adverse critism and by a unanimous vote in the affirmative the or Colonial Period was chosen for next year, and hope was expressed that we more-or-less adhere to the periods in the next few years. The subject for next year being chosen the programme was handed back to the Programe Committee for their consideration.

No Standing Committee had reports.

There was no new business.

Under announcements notices of the Debates at Sherwood on Friday at 2:30, and W. E. Johnson to speak at the Seco Hall Rockville, Feb. 29th, at 8 P.M. were given.

The next place of meeting on March 12th, will be Norwood, with Edith Thomas and Mary Stabler legitimately having the papers, the subject being Mary Roberts Reinhart.

The subject for the afternoon, Pan American Relations was opened by Emma Bond who gave a most interesting paper on the Pan American relations in general from their earliest period to date, giving reasons of why cooperation in the Americas was for the benefit of all. For Marianna S. iller, Eleanor read her paper, which gave us many interesting spicific incidents as well as the life of the Pan American Union and its aims. We were warned the papers were stupid and sleep producing, the Secretary was unable to hear any snores!

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned. Stella Moore, Secretary.

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Page 28

Tanglewood March 26th, 1924.

On March 26th the Wednesday Club at Tanglewood was called to order at the usual time. Again the weather-man had been none too kind, and the hostesses had posted Asbury near the gate to warn us that we could not in safety venture in in our cars too near the house. But a warm welcome awaited us just the same, and the large rooms were filled with members and guests.

As one of the Program wished to take the 3:30 jitney, the order of business was reversed and thepapers were called for first. Alice Brooke and Annie B Kirk gave us most delightful papers on "War-time Diplomats". The subject those representing us had to decide in that troubulous time.

The order of business was then taken up.

On March 12th, the Wednesday Club met at Norwood. The first real snow of the year had fallen the day before, making many of the roads impassable more by wires and poles than by drifts. Practically all phones were out so those unable to get out were unable to notify the hostess. As it was twelve members and two guests were brave and spent a most delightful afternoon with Mrs. Tilton. The Secretary was absent and the minutes storm-stayed. No business was transacted and one paper had been sent and was read, the other had found wires and poles too much for it. (Miss Mary Stabler whose paper did not arrive promises us a meeting for her paper, it is very good and we would enjoy it. The Club looks forward to ths event) So the minutes of the meeting at Invecauld on Feb. 29th, were read and approved, and the above information given the Secretary to embody in these minutes.

Mary Redding Nichols read a most interesting report of the Educational Committee. There is to be another member of the School Board appointed this year, and the

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Page 29

Tanglewood, 3/26/24. -2-

County Federation asks that we back a woman. Mrs Latane Lewis with Mrs. Thos. Griffith as second choice was approved by the Club. No word has been heard from the Burtonsville school, and roads have been impassable. The Education Committee is trying to form a plan to help those schools almost coming to the requirements to get the last necessary things and certain schools will be assigned us for our help.

The Social Service Chairman had no report.

The Treasurer reported a balance of $4.00.

The Director sent work that she would be unable to attend the Executive Board meeting the next day, and asked that a subusitute be appointed. Anna Farquhar was asked to go, and if unable to, to send a substitute.

The subject of Delegates to attend the State Meeting at Frederick, April 22, 23, 24 was apotponed to the next meeting.

Announcement of the Oratorical contest at Sherwood on Friday at 1 P.M. and of an entertainment at the same place by the Young People's Band were made.

The next place of meeting will be at "Clifton" on April 9th, Marion Mills and Emma Stabler having the papers on "Booth Tarkington--In Lighter Vein, and in The Turmoil."

There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

Stella Moore Secretary.

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Page 30

Clifton April 9th, 1924.

On April 9th, the Wednesday Club met Edith Thomas at Clifton. The minutes of the preceeding meeting were read and approved.

Communications referred from the previous meeting were read. It was decided to do nothing with the Better Homes Week work. A letter announcing the Annual Meeting of the State Federation at Frederick on April 22-23-24 was read, also that of the wish for a jubilee fund for the President's traveling expenses. Annie B. Kirk and Margaret Bancroft or their alternates were appointed to represent us at the meeting, and the Treas. was directed to send $1.50 from our treasurery towards this Jubilee Fund.

Mary Nichols who was our acting director for the Executive Board meetng in March gave a most complete report of that meeting, placing before all, the various workings of the Federation. The report was accepted with thanks. She also read a communitcation from the County Treasurer placing before the Club a tentative budget for the County Federation for the coming year. This subject to be taken up later by the Executive Board for its acceptance or refusal.

The Better Homes movie, Home Sweet Home is to be given in Rockville some time in the near future.

The Treasurer reported a balance on hand of $5.97.

The final Oratorical contest will be on Friday April 11th.

The Social Service Chairman read a most interesting report of the Social Service League's Social Director, thus bringing before the club the many and various works of the League.

The Maryland Tuberculosis Association Clinic will hold a

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