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Della Brooke,
Oct. 10, 1923.

October 10, the first meeting for the year 1923-1924
was entertained at Della Brooke by Rose M. Gilpin. The
meeting was called to order by the President, Elza
Thomas, all other officers were present and a total of
eighteen members. 2ith the four members out for the
year this made a majority tho just one, of the members

The minutes of the last meeting of the preceeding year
were read and after one correction approved.

Under referred business the Programme Committtee again
presented its prepared program for final disection,
but until the presonelle of the club was settled the
final decission could not be made; so this was tempor-
arily put aside and the chairman of the Membership Com.
made her report as follows:

"The membership Committee, Edith Thomas, Chairman,
Emma Bond, and Marian Mills as new member to fill the
place of Emilie Coulter retiring Chairman, met as direct-
ed with the officers of the Club and offer the following

1. No substitutes elected except for 6 months or
the Club year.
2. No substitute for less than Club year to enter-
tain or write a paper.
3Members expecting to be away for several meetings
notify the Secretary.
4. We recommend 6 substituted be elected and we
offer the following 5 names--these 5 having
proved the most active substitutes in the past:
Dorothy M. Owing, Mary R. Nichols, Margaret
Fussell, Eleanor Kirk, and Katherine Adams."

The recommendations were discussed and approved, a motion
to this effect was carried and thus the recommendations
are law for this year. (Charlotte Cressen was elected to
be the 6th, substitute.)

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