Fanny Trundle diary

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The diary is a two part, hand-written collection of Fanny Trundle's writings. The first part is devoted to a commentary on various historical figures and documents and reflects Fanny Trundle’s strong religious and temperance beliefs. The second part is an incomplete diary, starting on page 198, which dates from 1868 to June 1879. A number of medicinal remedies and formulations are included in the diary section. Fanny May (Moy) Trundle was born in England at Wrabness, Essex on October 26, 1805. Between 1830 and 1848 she gave birth to 13 children. Fanny emigrated to Australia on The Fortitude, arriving in Moreton Bay on January 20, 1849 after 128 days at sea, accompanied by her husband Charles and their 13 children. The family settled in the area which became known as Fortitude Valley. (An additional child was subsequently born in Brisbane and remarkably, all 14 children survived.) The Fortitude was the first of three ships chartered by the Rev Dr John Dunmore Lang to bring free immigrants to Brisbane. Fanny died in Brisbane on 12th April 1889 and was buried in the Toowong Cemetery.


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