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No.NameAgeColorCountyCrimeYearsEyesHairHeight(Additional Comments if needed)
New Men Received Nov 16t 94
Complexion. Weight
E1A. L. Stone25WCleibornMurderBlueLight5 - 6 1/5Fair
E2William F. Eaton24WCleibornLarcenyBrownBrown5 - 6Dark
E3Ben. Thomas21WCleibornLarcenyBrownBrown5 - 5Dark
E4J. W. Kelley48WCleibornLarcenyBlueBrown5 - 10fair
E5Dick Mayhue29CClaibornAdulteryBrown5 - 9 1/4Leather
New men received Nov. 26th. 1894
Complexion ; Nativity
E1David Vance27WCarterLarcenyGreyBrown5 - 9 1/2Dark ; Greene ?
E2Richard N. Hall18WJohnsonLarcenyBlueSandy5 - 7 1/2Sandy; Johnson Co.
3Geo. Loudermilk28WCarterRape15greylight5 - 7 1/2Dark ; Carter Co. Jun
4James Hall21WJohnsonLarceny3greysandy5 - 6 1/2fair ; Greene?
5Jim Murry24CCarteratt Rape11(ditto) or 3popeyesKinky5 - 5 1/2Dark; Greene?

Notes and Questions

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Ann Bradley

Column headings for complexion and nativity appear on far right. In order to separate the entries I had to use a semicolon which did not appear in the original text. The program would not allow spaces to separate the entries. Also, on the last 3 entries the character in front of the numeral may have been a check mark or a capital E. The program did not allow me to use the ✔️ symbol in that column.

Camille Westmont

Well that is quite frustrating! What I would recommend if you encounter something like this again where there is no column for the info is just to specify what the info is. For example, "Complexion: Dark; Nativity: Tenn". Then I can sort it out in Excel later. I hope that helps!