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No.NameAgeColorCountyCrimeYearsEyesHairHeight(Additional Comments if needed)
E 8Bill [Finigel?]53BGibsonLarceny5
E 9Mitchell Clayton [C?]32BMarshall Co.Larceny1
E 10John Byer40WhiteHenderson Co.Attempt to Murder15
E 11R. H. Milligan34WHardeman Co.House B. Larceny17
E 12W. M. McKinney45W.Fayette Co.Forgery3
E 1Lark Fitzgerald16BWashington Co.Rape14BrownBlackyellow
E 1Sandy [Brojess?]20BWashingtonLarceny1Brown[?][Leather?]
E 3Joe Lawery16BMcMinnLarceny3Blackdark
E 4Lem Rottledge22W.McMinnTrain wrecking1BrownBrownfair

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Over Line 6 is written: "New Men received Aug 27th 1894
At the top of the page after columns marked "hair" and "eyes" is entered "complexion" and my entries under Remarks are the entries for "complexion."
In the number column of the entries from Line 6 on, there is a mark in addition to the E 1, E 2, etc. that looks something like Line 6: 4, Line 7: 7; Line 8: 7; Line 9: [unreadable] It seemed to go with the E, but not sure.