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No.NameAgeColorCountyCrimeYearsEyesHairHeight(Additional Comments if needed)
1John Williams21ColKnoxFogeryBlackBlackEducation Limited Status in [?] single
2Jim Cormac28ColKnox[Pengey?]BlackBlackEducation Limited Status single
3[?] Boston19ColKnoxH.B. & LarBlackBlackEducation no Status single
4[Audy?] Hamilton18ColKnoxH.B. & LarBlackBlackEducation fair Status single
5William Dobins17ColKnoxH.B. & LarBlackBlackEducation no Status single
John [Morrison?]Escaped July
6Peter Hale[airs?]20ColKnoxH.B. & LarBlackBlackEducation no Status single
7[Gus?] Smith23ColKnoxLaceyBlackBlackEducation no Status Married
8John Gamel [al?] Gammon28WhAndersonLaceybluesandyEducation Limited Status Single
9[Zebde?] Reves52WhAndersonLaceyGay[Blak?]Education no Status Married

Notes and Questions

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On top is written: 10 Men Received June 16 1894.
This clerk, instead of writing out the information when it repeats, just put marks like this: " " " I have seen others doing this, but not as much as this guy. I wrote it out in full on each line to make it clearer.
He had no heading for Education and Status, so I wrote that out in full on each line as well.
I think it's interesting that this clerk is kind of more sloppy than others I have transcribed.