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HeightWeightState in LifeTradeEducationNativityComplexionYearsMarks
5-8135SingleLaborerCommonTennessee2 Vaccome scars Prominent on right arm Scar on right side - Scar on inside of right knee and left side of leg near knee
5-7137SingleLaborerCommonTennScar on left side of head running from and to Collar Bone - Scar on left leg below thigh - 2 Scars on right thigh - scar on right cheek running from ear to mouth - Scar over right eye [?] of eyebrow one above eye [front?] Scar under left eye
5-7140SingleLaborernoneTennScar on left side of head - Scar on right [?] Scar on right thigh - 4 scars on [?] near belly - 2 scars on left arm above elbow Scar on left arm below elbow 2 scarson left thigh inside - scar on right foot near big toe. Scr on left thumb.
5-7158SingleLaborernoneGeorgiaBurn scar on left leg above ankle Scar on left wrist - scar on right shin and ankle
5-8135SingleLaborernoneTennScar on right knee.
5-8 1/2155MarriedCarpenterCommonLouisianaScar near right elbow. Scar on left wrist [?] Scar on left knee - Scar on forehead on right side scar on left side of nose - scar on [?] [?]

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