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HeightWeightState in LifeTradeEducationNativityComplexionYearsMarks
5-7145SingleSteamboat [Mec?]noneMississippiscar on left wrist - scar on inside of leg abovethe knee - Knife scar on back of [?] shoulder blade = scar on outside of left [?]
5-8138SingleR.R.noneTennesseesmall scar on right [?]
5-8160SingleFarmernoneTennsmall scar on left wrist - knife cut on middle of chest - scar on left cheek bone scar on right side of head - scar on left leg below the knee
5-9140SingleR.R.LimitedMississippiscar on left side of hip - scar between and on right leg (behind)
6165SingleLaborernoneTennLittle finger off right hand - scar on small of back. Knife cut on outside of left elbow
5-9149SingleLaborerCommonKyBlister mark on stomach - Birth mark on outside left arm near elbow
5-10160SingleMoulderCommonMissouriOld sore on right foot near instep
5-3125SingleChair BottomerCommonMassachusettsMiddle finger off above the 2ndjoint - scar on 3rd finger of [?[ joint. Large scar above left knee

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