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ComplectionMarksStation of LifeWhere BornTradeEducationReligionRemarks
BlkLeft foot badly smashed and an nail [?] is off left hand[?]Tennessee]?] [Mason?]nonenoneDischarged Oct 28th 1884
["?]Scar of [?] on right hd side neck small scar right wrist scar left thigh scar left calfMarriedTennesseenonenoneBaptist [?]Died April 8/85 Pneumonia
Scar on inside left leg and, outside left thighSingleTennesseenonenonenoneDischrged on March 3/85
Large scr on [front?] of left shoulder. Little finger on left-hand crooked[?]TennesseeBlack SmithCommon"Died March 1/86 Cause, Meningitis
DarkLeft-arm has Gun shot, {?] knee has been brokenSingleNew YorkEngineerOrdinaryPresbyterianDischarged April 23/85
DarkLittle finger shot off left hand, and scar on left armMarriedKentucky[Harness Maker?]LimitednoneDischarged Nov 5/85
2nd finger off left handnonenonenoneDischarged July 23rd 1887

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