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ComplectionMarksStation of LifeWhere BornTradeEducationReligionRemarks
Scar on left cheek, scar on forehead in edge of hair.Face scratched in many places, scar on back of left hand.singleVanonenonenoneDischarged Oct. 19/83
Scar from burn inside of left knee. Scar in center of forehead, scar in right eyebrow.singleGanonenonenoneEscaped Feb 3/81 [ret?] April 21st 1881. Escaped and Recapt. May 9th 1889. Good time restored by Inspectors July 27/85. Discharged Aug 21st [?]
Little finger of right hand disfigured by a burn, little finger of left hand crooked, scar on inside of right arm, scar on right kneesingleMissnonenonenoneEscaped Aug 30/1876 recapt January 7th 1877 Pardoned by Gov Ba[ker?] Nov 30/83
One upper front tooth out Large scar above the right nipple, scar on right shinsingle[Tennessee?]nonenonenoneExcaped June 6th 1876 recapt June 8th/76 Discharged, May 28/84
blackSmall scar on right kneesingleGanonenonenoneEscaped from Tracy Nov 24/81 recapt, Nov 26/81. Escaped July 21/84
blackScar on knee R leg left hand making the little finger stiff caused by a pistol shotsingleSCnonenonenoneDischarged May 25/85
Index finer of right hand has been broken and is stillsingleTennesseenonenonenoneTransferred to Inman Oct 22nd/1883
blackLeft arm vaccinatedsingleTennesseenonenonenoneDischarged Ap'l 14/81
blackScar from left jawbone across nose, scar on left side of headsingleTennesseenonenonenoneDischarged, July 18/84

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