Status: Complete

ComplectionMarksStation of LifeWhere BornTradeEducationReligionRemarks
Discharged May 12/84
Died Ap'l 13/84 (Dropsy)
Scar over left eye, two on 3rd finger left hand[none?][Tenn?]nonenonenoneDied Oct 29/84 Diarrhea
FairNo scars[unmarried?][Tenn?]noneLimitednoneEsc: from Lone Rock ovens by donning citizens suit July 9/85
One scar across center eye of right eye One on right knee[unmarried?]Virginianonenone"Escaped Aug 2/84 from old coke ovens
Scar on right breast bone[unmarried?][Tenn?]noneConsiderableBaptistDischarged Feb'ry 2/86
Scar on left arm, one on stomachmarriedSo CarolinanonenonenoneDied Janr'y 1/85 Acute Pneumonia
Scar on right side of neck, right shoulder, & back of knee, right ear Badly Pox marked, partly offSingle[Tenn?]nonenonenoneTo be turned over to sheriff at expiration of sentence, Esc July 30/84. Run from under the gun
marrued[Tenn?]nonenonenoneDischarged M'ch 30/86

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There are some interesting escapes on this page. See no. 4 and no. 8!