Status: Complete

ComplectionMarksStation of LifeWhere BornTradeEducationReligionRemarks
fairScar on right (inside) leg scar [?] shin, large Small scar below the right kneeSingleTennesseenonelimitednoneDischarged Nov 20/85
MulattoScar on second finger of right handsingleTennesseenonenonenoneDied Ap'l 25/85 /Consumption/
CopperScar on the forehead, Scar on right shoulder, mark on third finger of right hand in India inksingleTennesseenonenonenoneDischarged, Aug 20/84
blackLarge scar below shoulder on left arm caused by a cutmarriedTennesseenonenonenoneDischarged, June 24/84
CopperFirst finger of right hand off at first Joint Scar on shin below left KneesingleTennesseenonenoneBaptistEscaped Oct 25/82 from W. [Ohio?] Rcaptd same day. Dis; full time Janry 28/84
brownDark spot on right shoulder black spot outside right legmarriedTennesseenonenonenoneDischarged, Ap'l 11/86
Small scar on breast [small?] scar on the small of the back, small scar center of back near the othermarriedTennesseenonenonenoneDischarged, July 22/85
Scar on left arm near wrist one on left KneesingleTennesseenonemoderatenoneDischarged, May 5/84
DarkScars on outside right legsingle[Tennessee?]none[considerable?] moderateenoneDischarged,July 29/84

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