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ComplectionMarksStation of LifeWhere BornTradeEducationReligionRemarks
Scar on left temple, scar inside of left arm several small scars on right armmarriedTennesseenonenonenoneEscaped Octob 19/1869 recaptured May 24/18[77?] [Escaped?] Nov 24/84/Sept 28/85
blackLittle finger of each hand stiff and crooked Knuckle joints of right hand disfigured by a burn scar/[?] outside of left leg below kneeSingleTennesseenonenonenoneEscaped from Main Prison Dec 22nd/78 recaptured same day. Escaped Tracy Feb 3/81 recapt Feb 5/81. Time expires Ap'l 22/85
Small spot right below the collarbonemarried[Va?]nonenonenoneDischarged, Dec 11/85
brownSmall scar on underside of right wrist, scar on Joint right 3rd finger Scar above right ankle. Scar on inside of right knee.married[Alba?]nonenonenoneDischarged Nov 15/85
CopperScar over right eyemarriedVaBlacksmithnonenoneDec 25th 1887 Commuted to 12 years by Gov. R. L. Taylor See discharge Book Dis Jan 12/89
blackSmall piece out of lower part of left ear Scar on underside right arm large scar on inside of left shinmarried[Tennessee?]nonenonenoneDischarged, June 18/85
blackRight thumb mashed off. scar on right wrist Scr under left eyesingleKynonenonenoneTransferred to [Mossows?] farm Aug 17/85
Small scar over right eyemarriedTennesseenonenonenoneDischarged Nov 3 d 1883

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