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ComplectionMarksStation of LifeWhere BornTradeEducationReligionRemarks
yellowScar on forehead above left eye one on back of the head Scar on calf of left leg similar on left hand near wristSingleS. C.nonenonenoneDischarged Oct 20th 1884
blackLong scar right corner of mouth Small scar on left cheekmarriedTennessee[Cook?]nonenoneSent to Inman Mch 31/84
blackRight eye out scar on forehead near edge of hairMarried[Ga?]nonenonenoneSee new Book
blackScar below left nipple near center of breastMarriedGanoneLimitednoneDischarged Aug 22/84
copperScar from a kick by a horse on left side of chin little finger on left hand crooked from a cutMrriedVanonenonenoneDischarged June 24/84
blackNo ScarsMarriedTennesseeBlacksmithnonenoneDied Aug 9/84 [General Debility]
blackScar in center of forehead scar across the nose Large scar on back of left hand Scar on left index finterMarriedKynonenonenoneEscaped from [Esby's?] Farm March 9 1879 [Recaptured?] March 15th 1883 May 26/85 Discharged May 26/85
MulattoScar on forehead above left eye black mole on forehead scar across nose joint of right forefinger crooked first joint of little fingers on hand crookedSingleTennesseenonenonenoneDischarged Aug 14/84
Scar in pit of stomach scar on outside of ech little finger caused from amputation of sixth finger, six toes on left foot Scar over right eyeMarriedTennesseenonenonenoneDischarged Nov 12 1893

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