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ComplectionMarksStation of LifeWhere BornTradeEducationReligionRemarks
Scar on left lip Scar on left temple scar on left upper arm & head, and on back Shoulder bladeSingleAlabamanoneLimitednoneEscaped of Rattle Snake Coke Ovens on Sept. 22nd 1887 by slipping by Guard
yelProm scar on back of head Thumb [?] outSingTenLimSee new Book
Scar on left elbow and on neckSingTenSee new Book
Scar on neck front teeth out scar on left thighMarTenSee new Book
Scar on and sidecalf left legSinTenLimSee new
Scar on left breast and right armSTenSee new Book
Scar on left knee and right arm cross eyedSinTenLimSee new Book
[Varicoses?] on both legs front teeth outSinTenSee new Book
Scar under left ear [?] on left side and right leg behindMTenLimSee new Book

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