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ComplectionMarksStation of LifeWhere BornTradeEducationReligionRemarks
blackHasa small scar on foreheadSingle[Alba?][none?][none?][none?]Discharged Oct 19th 1884
Scar under left eyebrow, scar in outside corner of right eye. scar on back of right shoulder, scar on back of left hand, scar on left ankle Several scars on left kneeMarriedTennes[none?][none?][none?]Discharged on Febr'y 22/88
Copper[Great?] scar on forehead scar extending from left side of forehead to near the right earSingle[?]noneLimitednoneDischarged Oct 11th 1884
copper colorScar on nose Large raised scar on left side of neck, two scars on forehead above right eyeSingleTennesnonenonenoneDied May 31/84 (Consumption)
Copper colorScar on left side of neck, scar near point of right shoulderSingleSCnonelimitednonesee new book
brownSmall scars all ovr face scar on right wrist. Lare scar on right side, near shouldermarriedMissnonenonenoneDischarged Dec 27/85
blackScar on back of left wrist, one inch longsingleGanonenonenoneDischarged June 25/85
Small scar above eye, scar on forefinger of left handDischarged Aug' [24?]/[84?]

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