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DateNameRaceWhen ReceivedCrimeFrom What CountyAgeOccupationSentenceWhere BornWhen DischargedBy What Authority/Remarks
Feby 24Frank CaslinWhiteJany 28 1874LarcenyDavidson4Mar 10 1874Retd to the Prison
"John HollandWhiteFeby 10 1874LarcenyShelby4
"Alexr. GilesFeby 10 1874Breaking in a StoreShelby7
"J R WinstonFeby 7 1874False PretenseDavidson6Apr 3 1874Retd to Prison
"How CarterMay 1 1871MurderShelby10
"Brown GreenFeby 10 1874False PretenseDavidson3
"Charles MitchellFeby 10 1874Malicious StabbingShelby2
"Steve ReddickFeby 10 1874LarcenyShelby3Apr 1 1874Escaped
"John StewartFeby 10 1874Assault with intent to RobShelby2Apr 1 1874Returned to Prison
"James GrayFeby 16 1874LarcenyShelby3
"Emanuel PalstonFeby 17 1874Recvg Stolen GoodsPutman3
"Robert (Henderson) CadmonFeby 10 1874LarcenyShelby1
"Hardy IngrawFeby 10 1874Horse StealingHenry2
"Godfrey SyklerFeby 10 1874Assault with intent to killShelby4June 18 1874Returned to Prison
"George ThomasFeby 10 1874LarcenyShelby5Apr 30 1874Retd to Prison
"Mark NewbernJany 16 1874Bringing stolen property in the stateShelby5Feby 28 1874Retd to Prison
"I M SpeckJany 31 1874Murder in 2d DegreeDavidson20
"Thos. YoungFeby 10 1874MurderShelby15
"George Hunt"Col"Feby 10 1874LarcenyShelby3
"Jo WilliamsFeby 10 1874LarcenyShelby3
Feby 25Andrew Bonman"White"Octr 20 1871MurderBledsoe5Mar 10 1874Returned to the Prison
"Albert SmithFeby 10 1874Horse StealingShelby2
"Harry DunniganFeby 24 1874LarcenyDecatur1
"Dale GordonMay 27 1873Grand LarcenyGiles2Mar 27 1874Retd to the Prison
"Charles MurrellDec 3 1873LarcenyJefferson1July 2 1874Returned to Prison
" 28John BrownFeby 26 1874Grand LarcenyWilliamson3June 12 1874Retd to Prison
Mar 11John E Wright" 23 1874House Breaking & LarcenyCannon10
"George Patterson" 28 1874Grand LarcenyGibson3Apr 1 1874Returned to Prison
Apl 1Joseph SmallwoodMar 27 1874Petit LarcenySullivan2June 8 1874Retd to Prison
" "Oliver NorrellMar 25 1874LarcenyShelby10
" "Wm Conner" 25 1874LarcenyFranklin3May 3 1874Returned to Prison
" "Wash NewhornJany 16 1874Bringing Stolen property into stateShelby5May 19 1874Retd to Prison
" "Henry WalkerMar 23 1874False PretenseHaywood3
" "John Kelley (2d Sen)Mar 25 1874Grand LarcenyShelby3May 18 1874Retd to Prison
30Edward JohnsonMar 25 1874LarcenyShelby1May 3 1874Retd to Prison
May 4J M ScogginsMar 26 1874Breach TrustHamilton5May 15 1874Retd to Prison
"Thos Summers" 5 1874LarcenyShelby1June 8 1874Retd to Prison
16A J GoadApr 1 1874LarcenyMaury3
"Theodore LottMay 14 1874LarcenyShelby1
20Hugh RheaApr 25 1874LarcenyHamilton1

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There's a note on row "Age" that reads "All of the hands N&NWRR returned Aug 1st 1874".