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DateNo.Surname/Last NameFirst Name/Given NameCommitted by WhomCommitted WhenCommitted WhereOffenceSentenceDisposed of HowDisposed of When
Oct 311003MorrowJohnP. Pinnock P.M31 OctBrisbaneAssaulting Police14 Days ConfSent Back13 Nov 90
"314FlynnBernardDoDoDoObscene Language14 Days Conf or £2Do13
"315McDonellThomasDoDoDoVagrancyRemandTo police7 Nov 90
"316BurnsideRobert. HDoDoDoWife DersertionRemandTo police1 Nov 90
November 17NelsonGeorgeDo1 MarchDoIndecent Exposure3 months Conf or £5sent expo31 Jan 91
"18FoleyTimothyDo1"DoStealing from a tillRemandTo police3 Nov 90
"19MineheadBenjaminDo1"DoBreaking & EnteringRemandDo11"
"310HutchinsHenryDo3"DoObscene Language1 month conf or £3Sent Back12 Dec 90
"311LynchPeterDo3"DoDamaging property; Obscene Language7 Days Conf or 11/; 14 Days Conf or £2 ConcurrentDo15.11.90
"312FoleyTimothyDo3"DoLarceny6 Months H.LDo2 May 91
"413CrystalWilliamDo4"DoAssault occasioning bodily harmRemandTo police12 Nov 90
"514ParishAlbertDo5"DoResisting Police7 Days Conf or £2Sent Back11 Nov 90
"515BakerWilliamDo5"DoObscene Language1 month Conf or £3.3.6Fine paid15"
"516GreenMichaelDo5"DoDrunk whilst in Charge of a horse & dray7 Days conf or £1.3.6Do11 Nov 90
"517KellyWilliam HDo5"DoForgeryRemandTo police18
"618ConnollyMichaelDo6"DoIndecent Exposure1 Month Conf or £5Sent Back6 Ayg 90
"719TaylorThomasDo7"DoAssaulting Police1 Month Conf"6

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