Status: Complete

DateNo.Surname/Last NameFirst Name/Given NameCommitted by WhomCommitted WhenCommitted WhereOffenceSentenceDisposed of HowDisposed of When
May 23476MurrayEdwardA Johnston QP16 MayDeansAssault2 Months H LSent Back15 July
"77CachmanAngelauQ P Pugh Oh16 MayRunsdaballVagrancy2 Months H L"15 June
"78BoocooS. S. JDo12 MayDoAssault2 Months H LSent Back11 July 90
"79M TraynorPeterDo16 MayDoMaintenance12 Month Conf Default of penaltiesTo Toodua10 June 90
"80RossDavidP Pinnock Pho23 MayBrisbaneSmugglingRemandTo police24 March 90
"81HartDresdenDo23 MayDoLarcenyRemand"27 March
"82LeaderWilliamP P Marray23 MayS BuetamAttempted SuicideRemand"30 May 90
2483FairleyWilliamDo24 MayDoAssaulting Police7 days Conf or £1Fine paid26 May 90
2784HuntHarryP Pinnock PM27 MayBrisbaneLarcenyTrial Dist Ct Brisbane 16 June 90D. C Court16 June 90
2785HartDresdenDo27 MayDoLarceny2 Months ConfSent back26 July 90
2486HenwayA JJudge Kein24"Bigamy3 years PS
2484EugeneAllcandeDo24Larceny from person9 Months H LSent exps26 Feb 91
2788SheitonR MDo24Larceny6 Months H LSent back24 11 E
2789JamesH EDo24Damage property4 Months HL o.p.a if fund sureties in pay £2 pr week for damageDo Do26 Sep 90
2890RyderLowesMdge Mein28 MayBrisbaneBreach of Insolvency ActTrial sup ct Brisbane 29 May 90To Sun Court30 March
2891WhalerAlfredDo28Larceny5 months H LSent backOct 90
2892O ConnorCharles JohnP Pinnock PM28 MayBrisbaneEmbezzlementRemandTo Police5 June 90

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