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DateNo.Surname/Last NameFirst Name/Given NameCommitted by WhomCommitted WhenCommitted WhereOffenceSentenceDisposed of HowDisposed of When
May 15459Haughton alias DevilleHarry alias AlfredJudge Paul12 MayCharlotteFalse Pretences 1 Charge; Forgery & Uttering 2 Charges2 Years H L[unclear]16 Sept
" 1560GrahamSamuelP Pinnock15 MayBrisbaneAssaulting Police1 Month H LSent Back14 June
"1561Mc. CarthyTimothyDo15 MayDoDrunkeness1 Month conf or to 2"14
"1562WhiteJohn alias Liverpool JackDo15 MayDoAssaulting Police1 Month H L14
"1563HayesJohnDo15 MayDoUnlawfully using CattleRemandedTo police23 May 90
"1564JohnstonJamesW. H. Day pm15 MayDoLarcenyRemandedTo police21 May 90
"1565GrahamRobertDo15 MayDoTrespass1 Month Conf or to 5Sent Back14 June 90
"1666BarkleyJohn AlfredP. Pinnock PM16 MayBrisbaneWife disectionRemandTo police31 May 90
"1667Murray als TaturanAlfred JDo16 MayDoBigamyTrial Rep Ct Brisbane 26 May 90Sum Court28 March 90
"1768ByronFrancisDo17 MayDoVagrancyRemandTo police23 May 90
"1769HartDresdenDo19 MayDoFalse PretencesRemandedSo"
"1970JohnsonJohnDo19 MayDoObscene Language assault3 Months Con or to 3; 2 months cumulativeFine paid18 July
"1971GaulRobertDo19 MayDoVagrancyRemandedTo police31 May
"1972RossDariotDo19 MayDoSmugglingRemanddTo police23 May
"2073JohnstonMG.P.M Dunway PM20 MayDoCruelty to Animals14 days Conf or fi 2.17.0Fine paid21 May
"2274Ch ChongDownyP Pinnock PM22 MayBrisbaneAssault1 Month ConfSent back14 June
"2275LucasWilliam alias DangerfieldDo22 MayDoVagrancy6 Months H LDo21 Nov

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