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59. 4690
10th September, 1859
"Glentanner" (M.Bay)
"Lady Elena Bruce"
"Queen of England"

Sub-Enclosure B

Government Immigration Office,
Sydney, 24th November, 1859


I do myself the honor to
return the accompanying letter
from Mr. Walcott to the Colonial
Secretary which was referred to
me for report under your Blank
Cover of the 21st Instant.

2. It would appear
from this communication that
the cost of despatching the several
Vessels specified in the margin
had absorbed £31,000 of the
balance remaining in hand on
account of the Vote granted by
the Legislature, for Emigration
for the whole Colony, for the year
1858, and that on the departure
of the "Shackamaxon" now daily
expected at Brisbane, the whole
of the Vote would be expended,
making as nearly as possible
a fair distribution of the funds
applicable for this purpose,
according to the principle laid
down of appropriating one fifth
to the introduction of Emigrants
to the northern portion of the
Colony; and it would also appear
that the Commissioners after the
departure of this Vessel did
not intend to despatch any
more Ships direct to Queensland,
but contemplated forwarding
to Sydney the Remittance

All to Sydney
"Abyssinian" }
"Caribou" } Arrived
"Annie Wilson" } Notified
"Alfred" } as Chartered

Emigrants paid for by Depositors
in that Colony, who, on arrival here,
are to be sent by this Department
in Colonial Steamers to their final

3. To carry out the
Commissioners' views in respect to
the immediate cessation of direct
Emigration to Queensland, would
I conceive, be seriously injurious
to the pastoral interests of that
Colony, and to forward the Remittance
Emigrants by Sydney Vessels would
entail an additional expense of
about 30 percent for their introduction.

4. To obviate as far
as possible such a state of things,
I have thought it advisable to
bring under notice the amount
which has been remitted on
account of the Vote for Emigration
purposes for this year, shewing
the proportion which is, according
to the intention fo the Legislature,
applicable to the introduction of
Emigrants direct to Moreton Bay.

5. The amount which
up to the present period has been
remitted to the Commissioners is
£61,712.. 3.. 9 and although about
£21,977.. 9.. 7 has been expended
in the despatch to Sydney of the
four Vessels named in the margin,
no emigration has, as yet, been
provided out of it to Moreton
, and there will consequently
remain at the disposal of
Queensland (less the cost of any
Remittance Emigrants belonging to

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When indexing, should titles be included in 'people'. For example, should 'Colonial Secretary' be indexed, even though he is not named?

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Thanks for the great question. No, position titles should not be included in the Indexed people UNLESS the person is named, then the position title can go in the description for that persons name. Thanks for helping us out.