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Coll. Secy.
19 July 1869

Captain Bingham.
H.M.S Virago

Gov. House
21 July 1869


I have the honor to trans.
.mit to you copy of a letter which
I have received from the Colonial
Secretary enclosing a draft for
£12.12/- on the Union Bank of
Sydney for the entertainment
of Mr Jardine on board H.M.S. "Virago

I have &c
Sigd Saml W Blackall

Edmund. M. Lockyer Esq

Govt. House
Brisbane 23 July 1869.


I have the honor to acknow.
:ledge the receipt of your letter
of the 20th Inst. which I have duly
forwarded to the Honbl. Charles Tilley
for his consoderation.

I have &c.
(Signed) Saml. W Blackall

The Honb.
The Receiver.

Gov. House
Brisbane 23 July 1869

Sir, I have the honor to enclose
to you a letter from Mr Edmund
Morris Lockyer
, who appears to be
an old servant of the Crown, and
in doing so, I feel convinced that
his application will receive every
consideration at your hands.

I have &c
(Signed) Saml. W Blackall


The Honorable
The Colonial Secretary

Government House
Brisbane 29th July 1869


I have the honor to forward to you
a letter from Mr Lyons (with numerous
enclosures) requesting me to lay the same
before the Executive Council.

I have carefully perused these Papers
and it appears to me that unless Mr Palmer
who was at the time Colonial Secretary -
officially intimated to Mr Lyons the dis-
: continuance of his Employment, he was
fairly entitled by the action of Mr Rawlins
to consider himself as still recognised in
his official capacity.

As I presume this salary would be
payable out of the gross sum voted for
the completion of the Census, there would
be no necessity for any extra grant.

But this is a matter which should
I think be brought before the Executive Council,
(as requested by Mr Lyons) only after due
deliberation by the Cabinet, and I shall
therefore be obliged to you to lay all the
documents with this letter before your
Colleagues at their next meeting that I may
have the benefit of their advice at the next
meeting of the Executive Council.

I have &c. &c.
(Signed) Saml W. Blackall

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