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Govt House. Brisbane
Foreign Office |The following extract is from a despatch
______________ |wh I have received from His Grace The Duke of
13 June 1868| |Buckingham & Chandos.
|" I request that you will cause these documents
|" to be delivered to Christoph &Sebastian Pligher to
|"the case of C Hill Esq, Lake Elphinstone, & that you
|"will if possible procure their signatures to the form

of receipt wch accompanied the papers"
I have therefore to request,that you will be
so good as to have these instructions carried into

Nebo. (sgd) S .W. Blackall Governor.
via Rockhampton

Gov House Brisbane
12 Sept, 1868
I have the honor to acknowledge the
receipt of your letter No.f. 134/68 of the 1st of Sept
With reference to the detachment of the 38th

I have brought this subject under the
notice of my Executive Council and have

at an early date which will supersede any
necessity for rtaining a detachement at St
I have
Sir Trevor Chute Sig S W Blackall
K.C.B Gov
Comg. the Troops
Gov House
24 Oct. 1868

I have the honor to enclose to
|the Colonial Secretary's Office and to
|ask you, that if possible, you will be
|so good as to comply with the request
|therein contained.
I have re
Captn Bugshaw RN Sig S W Blackall
Deus Virago

Government House
October 1868
I have th honor to acknowledge the recpt of
|regarding an arrangement which was supposed to have been
|entered into with all the Australian Colonies (except Tasmania)

for a capitation payment of eleven shillings (11s/1 per man
by the Imperial Government to compensate the Colonial
Government for certain works required to be executed at
the Barracks.
Having laid your communication before
my Cabinet my attention has been drawn to a Despatch
No 60 written by my Predeccor on the 1oth of July, copy enclosed
10 July 1868| accede to the terms proposed and my advisers inform

me that they adhere to the opinion already expressed
Under these circumstances I presume the
Imperial Government will continue to carry out this
Service as heretofore.
Major Genl I have etc
Commanding the Troops Governor

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This is my first effort at transcription for Queensland's Founding Documents Letters to various people in Governors letterbooks Volume 1 (ITM17659)
136. I have a bit to learn about the conventions required for transcription. However,I really enjoyed doing this work. It's a start. : )


Not sure how to submit or save? Maybe someone could email me?

Queensland State Archives

Hi Robinmarie - in the Transcription window, when you have done as much as you feel like doing at any one time, at the top, on the right hand side there are 4 buttons - Save is for saving as you go, Done is for when it is complete and there is no more to do. I tend to use the Save button on a regular basis as I'm going, just in case :). Thank you for helping out and I'm glad you're enjoying it!