Status: Complete

No.: 380.1913

Name: Charles Deen @ Charles Madras

Date when portrait was taken: 2nd April 1913

Native Place: Ceylon

Year of Birth: 1865

Arrived in Colony Ship: unknown

Arrived in Colony Year: unknown

From where: unknown

Trade or occupation previous to conviction: Cook

Religion: Mahomedan

Education, degree of: Nil

Height feet: 5

Height inches: 6 1/2

Weight in lbs. On committal: 10. 5lbs.

Weight in lbs. On discharge:

Colour of hair: Black

Colour of eyes: Brown

Complexion: Copper

Build: Slight

Marks or special features: Scar side r/t eye, Anchor l/t f.arm. Large Scar. back R/t hand, Scar out joint l/t knee, large Scar. 1st joint R/t thumb

Where and when tried:




No of previous portrait:

Reference or Instructions:

Previous Convictions WherePrevious Convictions WhenPrevious Convictions OffencePrevious Convictions Statement
Thursday Island29.6.1908Assault2 months. H.L.
Cairns21.9.1908unlawfully wounding1 year imprisonment

Notes and Questions

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I am wondering where the details for the information regarding the death sentence and date of trial was obtained as it is not listed on this record?

Queensland State Archives

Hi Jen - I can only assume one of our fabulous volunteers did some research in other places to come up with the information, hence the square brackets. Unfortunately, you are correct - as a transcription it should only contain the information visible on the record so we may have to remove this information


Removed information in square brackets.

Queensland State Archives

Thank you for all your fabulous work