Status: Complete

No.: 48.05

Name: James Warton

Date when portrait was taken: 3rd June 1905

Native Place: England

Year of Birth: 1845

Arrived in Colony Ship: Allinga

Arrived in Colony Year: 1905

From where:

Trade or occupation previous to conviction: Printer & Bookbinder

Religion: Church of England

Education, degree of: Read & write

Height feet: 5

Height inches: 4 7/8

Weight in lbs. On committal: 8st. 1lb.

Weight in lbs. On discharge:

Colour of hair: Brown to Grey

Colour of eyes: Hazel

Complexion: Fresh

Build: Slight

Marks or special features: 3 Scars on head. Bald. Several varicose veins left calf. Nail 1st l/t finger injured. Red moles front of Body & Back Scar inside r/t wrist. Blue mark l/t. forearm. Blue dot & scar bk. l/t. hand. Ring 1st l/t. finger.

Where and when tried: S.C. Brisbane. 22nd May 1905

Offence: Murder

Sentence: Death

Remarks: Executed 17.7.1905

No of previous portrait:

Reference or Instructions:

Previous Convictions WherePrevious Convictions WhenPrevious Convictions OffencePrevious Convictions Statement
Melbourne1.9.1860Vagrancy12 Months Imp.
Prahan P.S.19.5.1862Unlawfully on Premises6 Months Imp.
Melbourne G.S.2.2.1863Stealing in a Dwelling12 Months Imp.
Melbourne S/C.15.12.1864Assault & Robbery under arms5 Years Roads
Melbourne S/C.15.12.1864Receiving Stolen Property6 Months Imp. cumulative.
Melbourne S/C.15.9.1871Burglary5 Years H.L
Melbourne P.C.5.6.1896Illegally at large in Victoria12 Months H.L.
Melbourne S/C.1896Housebreaking10Yrs H.L & Solitary Conf.
New Zealand
Dunedin S/C.5.4.1880Burglary & Larceny18 Years P.S.
as Robt Butler10 Years P.S.

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