Status: Complete

No.: 84

Name: Mi-Orie, South Sea Islander

Date when portrait was taken: 22nd April 1895

Native Place: Malayti S.S.I.

Year of Birth: 1866

Arrived in Colony Ship: Lochiel

Arrived in Colony Year: 1894

From where:

Trade or occupation previous to conviction: Laborer

Religion: Pagan

Education, degree of: nil

Height feet: 5

Height inches: 2 3/4

Weight in lbs. On committal: 135

Weight in lbs. On discharge:

Colour of hair: Black

Colour of eyes: Brown



Marks or special features: Anchor back of left hand. Boil mark left side. Tattoo marks forehead & cheeks. Scar back of head

Where and when tried: Bundaberg Ct Court 18th April 1895

Offence: Murder

Sentence: Death

Remarks: Executed 20th May 1895

No of previous portrait:

Reference or Instructions:

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