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No.Surname/Last NameFirst Name/Given NameShipYearWhere BornReligionTradeAgeHeight FeetHeight InchesMakeComplexionColour of HairColour of EyesEducationRemarks
35HuntHenryEngland26HBR&W8.12 1/4 1057/87
6ReynoldsHenryEnglandCh EnglandSailor23HBR&W11. 963/86
7McGillJamesLight of the Age1866IrelandR CatholicLaborer3458 1/2PropFairBrownGrey [Gray]None10.2 Cataract left eye. Ears pierced
8CarkerJosephIndus1873EnglandCh EnglandLaborer2456PropFairLt BrownGrey [Gray]R&W9.9 12 Wart right side of nose. MJH in heart, anchor, cross & dart through heart, clasped hands, cross, right arm. Anchor, cross MJH & ED, cross left arm
9AugustFrankHollandR CatholicProperty Man31HBR&W33/88
40HansenPeterGermanyCh EnglandEngineer34HBR&W34/88
1ReedJohnCity of Brisbane1882IrelandR CatholicLaborer2757 1/4PropSallowLt BrownBlueR&W10.12 4th & 5th finger right hand crooked. Scar left side of chin. Mark of abscess left side of neck
3McKenzieDonaldNew South WalesPresbyterianDrover25HBR&W1086/87
4RoddenJamesDuke of Westminster1884IrelandR CatholicLaborer4656 1/4PropFreshGrey [Gray]Grey [Gray]R&W9.13
5MyboJack SSIMay Queen1885Mybo SSINilLaborer3055 3/8PropCopperBlackBrownNone9.5 Ears pierced
6BobSSISybil1882TannaNilLaborer2555 1/2PropCopperBlackBrownNone10.9 Ears pierced. Flat nose
7JonesCharlesRoma1886EnglandCh EnglandMiner4055 1/2PropSallowBrown turning GrayGrey [Gray]R&W8.8 1/2 Ring 3rd finger left hand
8MyersGeorgeQueenslandBaptistLaborer2054 1/2PropFairFairBrownR&W8.12 Anchor right arm
9Corrigan alias Finlay als WilliamsJamesQueenslandCh EnglandLaborer20HBR&W874/87 849/86
50BurgessJosephEnglandCh EnglandPainter36HBR&W10.10 1/2 Mark of boil back of left leg. Scar left wrist
1ThomasJohnQueenslandCh EnglandHairdresser19411 7/8PropFreshBrownBrownR&W

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