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No.Surname/Last NameFirst Name/Given NameShipYearWhere BornReligionTradeAgeHeight FeetHeight InchesMakeComplexionColour of HairColour of EyesEducationRemarks
18DurantCharlesDorunda1887EnglandCh EnglandLaborer2552 3/8PropFairLt BrownBlueNone8.11 Three dots bulb of left thumb. Scar left hand. scar under left eye
19ButterworthJosephNagpore1883EnglandPresbyterianLaborer2457 1/2PropFreshBrownBlueR&W11.0 1/2 A W J B in wreath r arm. Crossed trumpets and branch left arm
20WhitingtonRichardEnglandCh EnglandLaborer37HBR&W10.7 216/87
1CampbellDavidScotlandCh EnglandSailor22HBR&W10.10 121/87 1061/86
3GreerIsaacSultana1864IrelandPresbyterianCook5056 3/8PropFairBrownGrey [Gray]R&W10.10 Cross-eyed. Scar over right eye. Getting bald. Bunion Right foot
4Hawkins alias Patk HarkinsHenryQueenslandR CatholicCart Driver20HBR&W387/87 340/84
5MurphyEdwardWindoree1887IrelandR CatholicLaborer4556 1/8PropFreshBlackGrey [Gray]R&W10.1
6GroebenWilhelm C A von derJno Elder1879GermanyLutheranLivery stable Keeper3359 1/8PropFairLt BrownBlueR&W12.6
7BrownThomasEnglandCh EnglandLaborer26HBR&W595/87 653/85
8MurphyEdwardIrelandR CatholicLaborer45HBR&W10.1 25/88
9McDonnellThomasEnglandR CatholicHairdresser17HBR&W8. 11 1/2 886/87 1086/86
30LysterGeorge Walteroverland1887VictoriaCh EnglandCommercial Traveller2359 3/4PropFairBrownBrownR&W11.6 Scar back of left hand
1LoriOscar LouisYarra1887BelgiumR CatholicCarpenter3556 3/4PropSallowDk. Brown turning GrayGrey [Gray]R&W10.3 1/2 Right arm been broken. Minus tooth lower jaw. Mark of burn right [? illegible]
2SefriediAdolfCarolina1887ItalyR CatholicSailor3457PropSallowBrownBrownR&W9.13 1/2 Scar on forehead over right eye. Scar on head back of left ear. Black spot on nose. Mark of sore right leg & left shin
3FrankAugustEusang1884HollandR CatholicProperty Man3156 1/2PropSallowDk. BrownBrownR&W9.1 Bust of a woman and A right arm. A W & anchor left arm. Dot back of left hand. Mark of sores on both shins
4HansenPeterDerwent1887GermanyCh EnglandEngineer3457StoutFairFairBlueR&W11.10 1/2 Slight tatoo [sic] marks left arm

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