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No.Surname/Last NameFirst Name/Given NameShipYearWhere BornReligionTradeAgeHeight FeetHeight InchesMakeComplexionColour of HairColour of EyesEducationRemarks
1004SinfieldWalterHMS Diamond1887EnglandCh EnglandSailor1953 7/8PropFairLt BrownGrey [Gray]R&W9.10 Bust of woman over crossed flags, bracelet right arm. Flower back of right hand. True love, star, sailor, RCT left arm. Scar on forehead.
6FleggFrederickWindsor Castle1880EnglandCh EnglandLaborer3056 1/4PropSallowDk. BrownBrownNone10.3 Scar ball of right thumb. Scar on forehead
8Lamont alias Hy LearmontHenryN.S.Wales22HBR&W858/87
9Wilson als Cummings als Pryor als WilliamsonJamesVictoria21HBR&W56/87
1010Assin(Malay)1886SingaporePaganLaborer2553 1/8PropCopperBlackBrownNone8.11 Scar back of left hand
11HuntHenryEarl of Derby1880EnglandCh EnglandSailor35HB 55PropFreshBrownBrownR&W9.6 Bracelet right wrist. Indistinct sailor left wrist
12RobinsonWilliamJason1874EnglandCh EnglandShip Wright4751 3/4PropFairBrownBrownR&W9.2 1/2 Left leg been broken. nose slightly turned to left side. Wart near left eye. Top off middle finger left hand. W left wrist
13Lamont alias Henry LearmontHenryN.S.Wales22HBR&W1008/87
14ClancyPatrickDarra1882IrelandR CatholicGrocers Assistant1956 3/8PropFairBrownBrownR&W10.6 1/2
15QuirkStephenBarrabool1887N.S.WalesR CatholicSaddler4056 1/4PropFairGrey [Gray]BrownR&W9.6 Scar right eyebrow
16SteedmanJamesDundroon1883ScotlandPresbyterianLaborer4558PropFairGrey [Gray]Grey [Gray]R&W9.7 Crossed flags over anchor right arm. Dot left wrist. Dot middle finger left hand. D on breast
17LeeGeorgeDart1882EnglandCh EnglandButcher3257PropFreshBrownBrownR&W10.10 Bullet wound inside left thigh. Scar left foot
18AliAhmedVictoria1868ArabiaMohamedFireman3251 3/4PropCopperBlackBrownRead8.4 Ears pierced. Nose pockmarked. anchor and [ illegible] right arm. A U left arm. Anchor ball of left thumb
1020Jones alias Stockdale als WilliamsCharlesEngland25HBR&W795/87 10.41/2

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