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No.Surname/Last NameFirst Name/Given NameShipYearWhere BornReligionTradeAgeHeight FeetHeight InchesMakeComplexionColour of HairColour of EyesEducationRemarks
936EdwardsJamesCloseburn1887ScotlandCh EnglandSteward2558 3/4PropFairBrownBrownR&W10.6 Wart on head over left ear. Blue dot near right & left thumb
7MaplestonDavidEarl Dalhousie1880EnglandCh EnglandAccountant5356 1/2StoutFreshGrey [Gray]BrownR&W15. Bald. Scar on top of head
8StewartJosephQueenslandWesleyanClerk2155 1/2PropSallowBrownBrownR&W10.6 Marks of burn left hand and arm. Scar on forehead. /mark of burn left side of face
9Dalby alias DalleyAlbertRockhamptonR CatholicShearer2257 3/8PropFreshDk. BrownBrownR&W10.6 Bunion on left foot
940SearsonFrankBurwah1884N.S.WalesR CatholicSaddler2955 1/4PropSallowBrownGrey [Gray]R&W8.11 scar left wrist & 2nd finger of left hand. Scar left eyebrow
3Dalley alias DalbyAlbertQueensland22H.BR&W939/87
4LucyCorneliusoverland1881EnglandR CatholicBrick layer5358 3/8PropFairBrownGrey [Gray]R&W10.2 Scar left thigh. Scar on back. C L left arm. Middle finger right arm deformed. Large lump of flesh on right side lower jaw
6Sullivan alias Wm Swain[? written over]ThomasIreland24H.BR&W984/86
7Sullivan alias Wm [same as above Swan?]ThomasIreland24H.BR&W946/87 9.1
8JohnstonAdamMangerton1862IrelandCh EnglandLaborer4455 7/8PropFairBrownBrownNone10.2 Bald. Scar right side of head
9BrownRichardNew ZealandR CatholicFisherman2255 3/8PropSallowBlackBrownRead9.9 1/2. Scar back of right hand. Scar middle finger right hand. Flat nose
950CarrWilliamRanleigh1887IrelandR CatholicBarber2553 5/8PropFairBrownGrey [Gray]R&W8.8 P C right arm. Maltese cross right thumb. Sailor, anchor, crown bracelet left arm. Anchor cross & dots back of left hand. Ring middle finger left hand.
1PickeringWilliamN.S.Wales20H.BR&W9.6 306/86
2DaviesJohnQueenslandCh EnglandShepherd1854 1/2PropSallowBlackBrownR&W8.9 Anchor right arm. Right arm deformed. J D left arm Walks lame

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