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No. Surname/Last Name First Name/Given Name Ship Year Where Born Religion Trade Age Height Feet Height Inches Make Complexion Colour of Hair Colour of Eyes Education Remarks
936 Edwards James Closeburn 1887 Scotland Ch England Steward 25 5 Prop Fair Brown Brown R&W 10.6 Wart on head over left ear. Blue dot near right & left thumb
7 Mapleston David Earl Dalhousie 1880 England Ch England Accountant 53 5 Stout Fresh Grey [Gray] Brown R&W 15. Bald. Scar on top of head
8 Stewart Joseph Queensland Wesleyan Clerk 21 5 Prop Sallow Brown Brown R&W 10.6 Marks of burn left hand and arm. Scar on forehead. Mark of burn left side of face.
9 Dalby alias Dalby Albert Rockhampton R Catholic Shearer 22 5 7⅜ Prop Fresh Dk. Brown Brown R&W 10.6 Bunion on left foot
940 Searson Frank Burwah 1884 N.S. Wales R Catholic Saddler 29 5 Prop Sallow Brown Grey [Gray] R&W 8.11 scar left wrist & 2nd finger of left hand. Scar left eyebrow
1 McCabe Fredk. Scotland 59 H.B R&W 917/87
2 Stewart Joseph Queensland 21 H.B R&W 938/87
3 Dalley alias Dalby Albert Queensland 22 H.B R&W 939/87
4 Lucy Cornelius Overland 1881 England R Catholic Bricklayer 53 5 8⅜ Prop Fair Brown Grey [Gray] R&W 10.2 Scar left thigh. Scar on back. C L left arm. Middle finger right arm deformed. Large lump of flesh on right side lower jaw
5 O'Sullivan David Ireland 42 H.B R&W 565/76
6 Sullivan alias Wm. Swain Thomas Ireland 24 H.B R&W 984/86
7 Sullivan alias Wm. Swain Thomas Ireland 24 H.B R&W 946/87 9.1
8 Johnston Adam Mangerton 1862 Ireland Ch England Laborer 44 5 5⅞ Prop Fair Brown Brown Nil 10.2 Bald. Scar right side of head
9 Brown Richard New Zealand R Catholic Fisherman 22 5 5⅜ Prop Sallow Black Brown Read 9.9 1/2. Scar back of right hand. Scar middle finger right hand. Flat nose
950 Carr William Ranleigh 1887 Ireland R Catholic Barber 25 5 3⅝ Prop Fair Brown Grey [Gray] R&W 8.8 P C right arm. Maltese cross right thumb. Sailor, anchor, crown bracelet left arm. Anchor cross & dots back of left hand. Ring middle finger left hand.
1 Pickering William N.S. Wales 20 H.B R&W 9.6 306/86
2 Davies John Queensland Ch England Shepherd 18 5 Prop Sallow Black Brown R&W 8.9 Anchor right arm. Right arm deformed. J D left arm Walks lame

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