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No. Surname/Last Name First Name/Given Name Ship Year Where Born Religion Trade Age Height Feet Height Inches Make Complexion Colour of Hair Colour of Eyes Education Remarks
327 Stoker William Scotland Presbyterian Laborer 25 5 5 Prop Fresh Brown Blue R&W
8 Hines John H.B. 176/79
9 Wilson Henry alias Green H.B. 11/76 232/79
330 Bird Michael al. F Bird H.B. 66/79 143/79
1 Storey William Tasmania Ch England Sailor 25 5 8 Prop Dark Brown Grey [Gray] R&W Male & Female right arm Crucifix & flower top left arm
2 Sinclair Alexander NS Wales Presbyterian Laborer 32 6 Prop Sandy Sandy Blue R&W Warts on right side of head, left arm.
3 Hunt Joseph Artherstone [Arthurston] 1879 America Ch England Sailor 22 5 4 Stout Dark Brown Blue R&W J.H. Anchor. Cross & heart in wreath. 10/2
4 Walker James Derwent 1879 Sydney NSW Ch England Brickmaker 24 5 6 Stout Light Brown Grey [Gray] R&W Cross on right arm ring on middle finger right hand. 10/3
5 Banford John Star Queen 1872 Bradford England Ch England Fencer 25 5 10 Prop Light Brown Grey [Gray] R&W Scar on chin
6 Brown Edward H.B. 250/79
7 Quinn John A H.B. 130/80
8 McLean John H.B. 309/79
9 Howell Henry al B Harry H.B. 308/79
340 Bellen Thomas Sparkling Wave 1876 Ireland R. Catholic Laborer 41 5 7 Stout Dark Brown Blue R&W Anchor & Ship left arm
1 Noonan William Overland 1842 London R Catholic Laborer 65 5 3 Prop Dark Brown Brown R&W
2 McDonnell James Flying Cloud 1864 Ireland R Catholic Carpenter 35 5 8 Stout Dark Brown Blue R&W
3 Duffy James H.B. 251/70

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