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Gaol Annual NumberFirst Name/Given NameSurname/Last NameYear of BirthStature Height FeetStature Height InchesMakeComplexionColour of HairColour of EyesEducation ReadsEducation WritesSingle, Married or WidowedChildren MaleChildren FemaleFormer ConvictionParticular Marks, or Scars. Remarks.Connection and History
429WilliamAllen alias Longson182955StoutFairBrownGreyRWWidower1Same as 68/397
430John BevisBurnett181957 3/4SlightSallowBrownBlueMarried32thriceSame as 68/164. [surname of "Bonnett" for 1868/164]
431ThomasTodds184958StoutSallowBrownGreyRWSingleVac on both arms scar top of right knee
433GeorgeClifford184153StoutFreshBrownGreyRWSingleonceDimple over right eye Vac on both arms. Dimple on right knee Min[us] teeth back jaw
434JohnHynds1847510StoutSallowBrownGreyRWSingleFreckled face. Vac on left arm. Both arms freckled
435HughMonaghan182855 1/2MediumSallowBrownBrownMarried11Scar on forehead of right side of face. Vac on left armWife etc Rockhampton
436MariaDavis1828411StoutFreshAuburnHazelRWMarried11Vac on left armHusband in Brisbane
437CatherineCollins1836410StoutSandyBrownBlueWidow24 timesSame as 68/325
438Charles SydneyFritebary184053MediumSallowBrownGreyRWSingleScar on right jaw. Vac on right armMother, Brother & Sister in Brisbane
439AugustusNilebings183455 3/4MediumDarkBrownHazelRWMarriedWound over right eye. scar left cheek bone wound on left arm Two hearts within a WreathWife England
440John WFalkner182057MediumFreshBrownGreyRWSingleEagle flag [?] crucifix A P H Two hearts back right hand Star between fore finger and thumb. Lady on Gun on left arm. Heart ship on fore arm E on left hand fly on back of thumb. sprain right ankle scar right foot below ankle -
441WilliamWalsh184758 1/4MediumFreshBrownGreyRWSingleRight wrist Broken scar on same and left side of forehead
442WilliamAllen alias Longson182955StoutFairBrownGreyRWWidower1same as 68/429
443ThomasMacnamara184454MediumSallowBrownBrownRWSingleonceScar corner left eye & on upper lip. Vac on right arm
444EdwardSeymour182758SlightFreshBrownGreyRWMarried1very deaf. both arms freckled old sore on left leg minus several teethWife at Gympie
445Frank SydneyBowerman182759 1/2SlightFloridAuburnBlueRWMarried13same as 68/409
446WilliamColeman182556 1/2StoutFairGreyGreyRWMarried22thrice
449MaryWalsh1838411StoutSallowBlackBrownRMarried22 timessame as 68/274
451FrankFischer181955 1/2SlightSallowBrownGreyRWMarried32Bald Head[crossed out word lunatic] Wife in Germany

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