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Gaol Annual NumberFirst Name/Given NameSurname/Last NameYear of BirthStature Height FeetStature Height InchesMakeComplexionColour of HairColour of EyesEducation ReadsEducation WritesSingle, Married or WidowedChildren MaleChildren FemaleFormer ConvictionParticular Marks, or Scars. Remarks.Connection and History
405ThomasWhittaker184858 1/2StoutSallowLB [Light Brown]GreyRWSingle
406HughMoore183558 1/4SlightFreshBrownGreyRWMarried1same as 68/396
407Frank SydneyBowerman182759 1/2SlightFloridAubernBlueRWMarried13back of hands freckled vac on left armWife at Warwick
408ThomasWhittaker184858 1/2StoutSallowL B [Light Brown]GreyRWSingle
409Frank SydneyBowerman182759 1/2SlightFreshBrownRWMarried13same as 68/407
410JamesElliott184158 1/2MediumSallowBrownBrownRWSinglescars under right eye mark under right fore arm
411JamesHoward184456StoutFreshBrownGreyRWSingleFather & Mother at Valley
412GeorgeHughes185055StoutFairBrownGreyRSinglescar under right eye Broken right arm
413ThomasMadden184855 1/2StoutSallowbro[wn] & greyBlueRWWidower11children in Ballarat
414Charles JamesWarren182655 1/2StoutSallowBrownBrownRWSingle
415WilliamClark184257 1/2MediumSallowBrownBlueRWSingleWoman & child on right arm Man & Woman ship on right arm bracelet on same crucifix on left arm. Anchor on back of left hand
418JamesKelly182358 1/4SlightSallowBrownGreyRWSinglemole on left leg Minus 2 teeth
419CharlesMcBean183352 3/4MediumFreshBrownHazelRWSingleThistle on left arm freckled arms
420CharlesRemus183256 1/2MediumDarkBrownGreyRMarried1twice 1866Wife in Brisbane
420aJosephDefries183358 1/4StoutSallowBrownBrownRWMarriedWife in Sydney
423RobertWilson183655 1/2MediumFreshBrownBrownSinglevac on left arm Woman & flag on right arm
424WmAllen alias Longson
425ThomasWhittaker184858 1/2StoutSallowL.B [Light Brown]GreyRWSingle
426WillReeve alias John Campbell182454MediumFreshBrownGreyRWscar on left temple
427JohnStewart184157 1/4MediumSallowBrownBlueRWSinglescar back of hand Harp of left elbow
428MaryFrost1818411SlightFloridBlackHazelMarried1Same as 68/323

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