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Gaol Annual NumberFirst Name/Given NameSurname/Last NameYear of BirthStature Height FeetStature Height InchesMakeComplexionColour of HairColour of EyesEducation ReadsEducation WritesSingle, Married or WidowedChildren MaleChildren FemaleFormer ConvictionParticular Marks, or Scars. Remarks.Connection and History
282PossumAboriginal51.5MediumBlackBlackBlackminus 1 front tooth crooked finger on right handAboriginal
283PossumAboriginal51.5MediumBlackBlackBlackminus 1 front tooth crooked finger on right handAboriginal
284WilliamMartin180755.5MediumFreshBrownGreyRWWidower12onceBlind right eye Black mark under left eye small scar under lips. Right arm broken. Vaccinated on left arm. Minus 1 tooth in upper jawChildren at Melbourne
285HughMorgan182055.75StoutFreshGreyGreyRWSingleScars over right eye & on left arm - Split nail on thumb of left hand, old sores on both legsBrother at Rockhampton
286GottliebKachel184458SlightSallowBrownBrownRWMarriedVaccinated on right arm I T I, G K on right arm. Scar on wrist. Ink mark & Anchor on left armWife at Ipswich
287William GardnerFreerLunatic
289GeorgeRuddell184460.75MediumFreshBrownGreyRWSingleVaccinated on right arm G R on left arm. Ring mark on Middle finger of right hand2 Sisters at Ipswich
290JamesStyles184755MediumSallowBrownGreyRWSinglevaccinated on left arm. Scar on left arm. Crooked toes on both feet
291JamesCliffe183853.25MediumSallowGreyBrownRWSinglePock marked. Burn on right Arm. Ring mark on finger of right hand. Sores on right leg. Minus front teethBrother at Ipswich
292Andrew, SeniorRickerts181755SlightSallowBrownHazelRWWidower31Bald head. Scar back of head, vaccinated on both Arms. 2 Scars on left Arm. Sore on Shin of right leg2 Boys in Gaol. 1 Boy at Warwick
293Andrew, JuniorRickerts184955StoutFreshBrownBrownSinglevaccinated on left arm three placesFather & Brother in Gaol 1 Brother at Warwick
294MichaelRickerts185253.5MediumFreshBrownGreyRWSingleMoles on Neck. Vaccinated on both armsFather & Brother in Gaol 1 Brother at Warwick
295AnnCashan184754SlightFairBrownGreyRWMarried11Same as 1867/143
296DanielCahill184956.75SlightSallowBrownHazelRWSingleMole over left eye, vaccinated on right arm
297JacobSheffield183257.75StoutSallowBrownGreyRWMarried23Scar over left eye. Vaccinated on left Arm. Minus back teethwife &c [etc.] at South Brisbane
298WilliamReid183258StoutFreshBrownBrownRWMarried1vaccinated on left armWife & child at Tingalpa
299AgnesStewart184247.25StoutSallowBrownGreySingleTwiceSame as 1867/193
300ElizabethChappel1845410StoutFreshBrownBrownRWMarriedThriceSame as 1867/188 [surnames of Chappel, Chappell or Chapple used in this document for this person]
301DanielCahill184956.75SlightSallowBrownHazelRWSingleSame as 1867/296
302DanielDowney184258.5SlenderSallowBrownGreySingleFive timesSame as 1867/274
303James W.Halloran181654.75SlenderSallowBrownBlueRWMarried1Same as 1864/478
304JohnHoffman181955.5SlightSallowBrownGreyRWMarriedminus upper teethwife in Germany

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