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Gaol Annual NumberFirst Name/Given NameSurname/Last NameYear of BirthStature Height FeetStature Height InchesMakeComplexionColour of HairColour of EyesEducation ReadsEducation WritesSingle, Married or WidowedChildren MaleChildren FemaleFormer ConvictionParticular Marks, or Scars. Remarks.Connection and History
404RudolphMonberger183455.5MediumSallowBrownBrownR.W.SingleSame as 1865/392. [surname spelt "Momberger" at 1865/392]
405CasparSchaiz182953.25MediumFairBrownHazelR.W.Widower2Same as 1865/393. [surname spelt "Schaigh" at 1865/393]
407CatherineOBrien183552StoutRuddyBlackBlueR.W.SingleRepeatedly for drunkennessSame as [del]1864[del] 1865/366.
408WilliamRennie184358.75SlenderFairBrownBrownR.W.SingleLance wound on left side of neck, vaccinated on left arm.
409JamesLowrey184459.5SlightSallowBrownHazelSingleJ. on left elbow. Burn back of right hand. Scar on right arm. Cut on upper lip. Star over right eye. Several Scars on both legs.Mother and Step Father in Ipswich
410JosephColes184455StoutSallowBrownHazelR.Single2 Small moles on right arm, vaccinated on right arm.
411JohnOneil alias Linnot182859StoutSallowGreyHazelR.W.SingleScars on both eyes and right leg.
412JamesHughes183456StoutFairBrownGreyR.W.Single14 days ImprisonmentSame as 1865/373.
413RobertScott alias Robert Auton Kirchner184559MediumFairBrownHazelR.W.SingleAnchor on left arm, vaccinated on left arm.
414EdwardThompson alias Thomas Taylor183353MediumFairDarkGreyR.W.MarriedScar on left eye, minus tooth in Upper jaw. Pock marks on body.Wife in Brisbane
415Sammy(Aboriginal)54.75StoutDarkDarkDarkScar back of neck and right arm.
416JohnThomas alias John James183858.25StoutRuddyBrownBrownSinglePock mark on breast. Scar on right cheek and back of head. Minus tooth in Upper jaw.
417William [alias John]Perry184153.5MediumDarkBlackBlackR.W.SingleCrucifix on left arm. Burn on right Shoulder. Left Knee sprained, vaccinated on right arm.
418HenryHadfield183658.75MediumRuddyBrownBlueR.W.SingleScar on back, 3 Small moles on back. Scar over right eye, three Scars on left leg, 3 Scars on right leg, vaccinated on both Arms.
420RobertLewis alias Overlander184157StoutFreshBrownHazelR.W.SingleVaccination on left arm. Pock mark on breast. Scar on left eye & right leg. 2 Scars on left leg. Mole on back.
421RobertLewis alias Overlander184157StoutFreshBrownHazelR.W.Single
422John WilliamJames183854MediumSallowBrownGreyR.W.SingleScar on left arm & Elbow, vaccinated on right arm. Kings evil on back of neck. Wart on right Shoulder. Scar on right cheek.
423MaryGreen183956.5SlenderSallowDarkDarkR.W.Married212 Scars & Kings evil on neck.Husband & Child at Rockhampton
424JohnKingdon183459StoutFreshBrownGreyR.W.Married213 Scars on forehead, 1 Scar top of head and on left eye. Crucifix on left arm. Heart and 2 darts on right arm. Bracelet on right wrist. 2 Scars on right leg.
425JohnKingdon183459StoutFreshBrownGreyR.W.Married213 Scars on forehead, 1 Scar top of head and on left eye. Crucifix on left arm. Heart and 2 darts on right arm. Bracelet on right wrist. 2 Scars on right leg.

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