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Gaol Annual NumberFirst Name/Given NameSurname/Last NameYear of BirthStature Height FeetStature Height InchesMakeComplexionColour of HairColour of EyesEducation ReadsEducation WritesSingle, Married or WidowedChildren MaleChildren FemaleFormer ConvictionParticular Marks, or Scars. Remarks.Connection and History
284WilliamCollins182255StoutSallowBrownGreyR.W.Widower1Same as 1865/95.
285WilliamMartin183353.5StoutFairBrownHazelR.SingleMinus tooth in upper jaw. Scar on left Knee.
286Mary AnnFitzett1839410StoutSallowBrownBrownMarriedBroken jaw bone. Minus front tooth in upper Jaw.Husband in Ipswich
287CharlesPrior180553.5SlightFairGreyGreyR.W.SingleScar on forehead.
288JosephDyas184759.25MediumFairBrownBlueR.W.SingleCross and Heart on right arm. J D on left arm.Lunatic - Cousins at Maryborough
289MaryDonovan183651SlightSallowBrownGreyR.W.SingleBurn mark on neck.Lunatic - Cousin at Rockhampton
290William [alias James]Robinson183657SlenderFairBrownBlueR.W.Single12 months hard laborSame as 1865/272.
291AgnesDerby184551StoutRuddyRedBlueSingleMinus one tooth upper jaw. 3 Scars under left ear.
292WilliamMelander183355.5SlenderSallowBrownBrownR.W.Married3Minus several teeth. Vaccination mark on right arm.Wife and Children in England
293JohnSolomons181457StoutFairBrownHazelR.W.Widower11WHF, 2 pipes & Cross on left arm. Anchor, pile of Shot on right arm, Ring on mid finger. Tree, English flag on Right Arm. Minus three teeth.Children in New South Wales
294HenryThomas182057StoutFairBrownBlueR.W.SingleJ Don left shoulder. Heart, L, Woman on left arm. Scars on left leg. Vaccination mark on right arm.
295HarryHoward alias Kirk184359.5MediumSallowBrownGreyR.W.SingleMole on right arm. 2 Scars on right cheek.died in Gaol on Sept. 8, 1865
296JohnAnderson alias Nelson183857.5StoutSallowBrownGreySingleCrucifix, Man, Anchor, Star & Ship and bracelet on left arm. Man and Woman, J.H.S.R. on right Arm.
297PatrickGray184457StoutRuddyBrownGreySingleBurn on left elbow. Burn on right side, left arm & Shoulder. Scars on forehead & over left eye. Minus three teeth.
298EdwardRandall alias Jones184158MediumSallowBrownBlueR.W.SingleSeveral moles on back.
299EdwardRandall alias Jones184158MediumSallowBrownBlueR.W.Single
300EdwardRandall alias Jones184158MediumSallowBrownBlueR.W.Single
301ThaddeusO Sullivan183358StoutFairBrownBlueR.W.SingleSame as 1864/377.
302WilliamColeman182556.5StoutFairGreyGreyR.W.Married227 days ImprisonmentSame as 1865/245.
303WilliamColeman182556.5StoutFairGreyGreyR.W.Married227 days Imprisonment
304Thomas LeighBarnard184551.75StoutFairBrownBrownR.W.Single
305HenryNelson184759.5SlenderFairBrownGreyR.W.SingleMoles on right arm. Sores on both legs.
306MichaelDaly183559StoutSallowBrownGreyR.W.SingleVaccination mark on right arm.
307WilliamRose184459.5SlightFairBrownGreyR.W.SingleSmall Scar corner of right eye.

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