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Gaol Annual NumberFirst Name/Given NameSurname/Last NameYear of BirthStature Height FeetStature Height InchesMakeComplexionColour of HairColour of EyesEducation ReadsEducation WritesSingle, Married or WidowedChildren MaleChildren FemaleFormer ConvictionParticular Marks, or Scars. Remarks.Connection and History
193JamesHickson183654StoutSallowBrownGreyR.W.SingleHeart & Cross on right arm - contracted finger on right hand. Woman and Skeleton of a Whale on left arm. Star and ring on left hand. Woman and Ship on right arm
194WilliamHow183051.5StoutRuddyBrownHazelR.W.SingleWoman and Ship on right arm
195HenryWilliams183059SlenderSallowBlackHazelR.W.SingleEnglish Coat of arms on right arm. Heart, Anchor, Tree and Star on right hand. Anchor on left arm. Heart, Anchor, diamond & Star on left hand. Scar on both Knees - Scar under left hand. MK on right arm.
196MalcolmKey183658.75StoutRuddyBrownBlueR.W.SingleMK on right arm.
197CharlesMorris182654.75StoutSallowBrownHazelR.W.SingleScar between eyes. Woman & wreath on left arm, minus Joint of thumb on left hand.
198WilliamRoberts183955.75StoutRuddyBrownBlueR.W.SingleMan on left arm. Anchor on right hand, contracted finger on right hand. Crucifix on left arm.
199JamesMitchell181958.75StoutSallowBlackHazelR.W.SingleWoman on right arm. Crucifix & Star on left arm, minus Joint of little finger on right hand. Hope, Anchor & Ship on left arm. Ship lower part of left arm, ring on left hand.
200JamesMatthews184251.5StoutFairBrownBlueR.W.SingleSmall Scar corner of right eye. Ship on right arm. Anchor on right hand.
202WilliamGeorge182258.5StoutRuddyBrownBlueR.W.Married1Small Scar on left leg.Wife & Child at Toowoomba
203WilliamGeorge182258.5StoutRuddyBrownBlueR.W.Married1Small Scar on left leg.
204CatherineMcFee183653.5SlenderSallowBrownBrownR.Married12Husband & Child in Sydney. 1 Child in Brisbane Hospital and 1 Child with prisoner in this Gaol.
205ThomasLow53StoutDarkDarkBlackMarried21 month Imprisonment; 1 month Hard labor.Contracted finger on left handWife and children at Pikedale
206MargaretWilmot182046StoutSallowBlackGreythrice in Brisbane Gaol
207HenryOwens182557.5StoutFairBlackBlueR.W.SingleRepeatedly for drunkeness [drunkenness]Scar on lower lip and left shin.
208EdwardGleeson182761StoutSallowBrownGreyR.W.MarriedTwice for vagrancyWife & family in Sydney
209LawrenceMaher183752.75SlenderRuddyBrownBlueR.W.Married3 months ImprisonmentSame 1864/77 [first name spelt "Laurence" at 1864/77]
210JosephStockwell182554.75SlenderFairBrownBlueR.W.Married22JS Anchor on right arm. 2 pipes, Jug & Glass on left arm. Scar under left eye.Wife and Children at Wide Bay
211DavidCollens181056.5SlenderFairGreyBlueR.W.Married13Minus front teeth.Wife & Children in Sydney. Son in Brisbane.
212JamesJohns183953.25StoutSallowBrownHazelR.W.SingleSister on Spring Hill, Brisbane
213ThomasCallaghan184654.75SlenderFairBrownHazelR.W.SingleCousin in Brisbane
215PatrickDrynan183255.75StoutRuddyBrownBlueMarried13 months ImprisonmentWife & Child in Brisbane
216HenryRussell182257.25SlenderSallowBrownHazelR.W.Single3 months hard laborMarks on back. Lame left leg.

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