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Professor N.F. Dupuis, Mr. A.P. Knight, and the Revd J.C.
Smith, were introduced to the Board, and presented the
following Resolution;

"This Cuncil is of the opinion, that in order to secure
the thorough efficiency of the University, it will be necessary
to raise a sum of $150,000 for the following objects among

1. The erection of additional buildings, the present
accommodation being utterly inadequate. For this purpose
about $30,000 will be required.

2. The endowment of a new Chair in Theology, requiring

3. An endowment of $30,000 to make up the expected
withdrawal of the grant from the Colonial Committee of
the Church of Scotland,

4. An endowment of $40,000 for the Establishment
of a Chair in Science, and to provide Assistants in
the Faculty of Arts.

5. The extension of the Library and Museum, and
the providing of Scientific Apparatus requiring about

The members of the Deputation having spoken


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