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attention given to buildings and grounds. On recommendation
of the Finances and Estates, which gave much time and
care to the business, salaries were graded up to the fullest
limit that financial conditions would allow.

It was hoped that the Rockefeller Foundation, for
the benefit of medical education and research, would
recognize the work and claims of Kingston and Queen's,
but we were passed by. Still, as things were, the increase
in salaries brought the total figures to $24,000.00.

On the death of James Douglas, M.D., LL.D., the Chancellor
of the University, the Council, by a unanimous vote,
elected E.W. Beatty, Esq., H.C., of Montreal, as his
successor, a man who stood high in the estimation of
the community, and had exceptional reputation in
the conduct of affairs. He accepted the office, and
Queen's, quite naturally, looked for assistance and
prestiges from a gentleman of such business repute
and insight. But, at the fall meeting of the Boards,
the Principal reported that he had authentic information
that the University of McGill intended to elect
Mr. Beatty as Chancellor, and it did so. On the part
of Queen's that action of a sister university, without
consulting Queen's, was deemed inconsiderate. Some
correspondence followed. Mr. Beatty, himself, did not
wish to throw up the chancellorship of Queen's, and

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