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Faculty. The Government did not think it could support
both to the degree desired, and it had on its mind that
new "College of Education" in Toronto. Anyway, Queen's
lost the Faculty of Education, and whatever prestige it
may have brought to her. The Board, and their associates
on the Staff, esteemed very highly Dean Coleman and
Professor Macpherson, both for their professional efficiency
and their personal charm, were to lose them, as also
to have lost the school

On the other hand, the Government had still its
kindly interest in Kingston. The grant to the University
was increased by $40,000.00, and a further grant of
$80,000.00 per year for five years was given for the
rebuilding and expansion of the General Hospital.
Besides that, the municipality [strikethrough] was [/strikethrough] of Kingston was
giving $150,000.00 for an Isolation Hospital Building,
and the citizens, individually, by private subscriptions,
through the zeal of Mr. James A. Minnes, $100,000.00
for Hospital interests. As already mentioned, Chancellor
Douglas, and the adjacent counties had made goodly
gifts. So that if the Education Faculty dropped out,
other educational and humanitarian needs enjoyed
a year of favor.

Some necessary changes and appointments were made
in the teaching and administration staffs, and renewed

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