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[margin]Ap. 25th 1881[/margin]

13. RH Pringle
14. A McPhadyen

It was found that honours had been gained
at the University Examinations as follows:

[subject] [name] [honours]
mathematics & Physics JP Hume 1st class
mathematics BN Davis 1st class
chemistry BN Davis 1st class
do JP Hume 1st class
do AR Linton 2d class
mental & moral philosophy AR Linton 1st class
do D McTavish 1st class
political economy JR O'Reilly 1st class
Latin Roderick McKay 1st class
do LW Dyde 1st class
do AL Smith 2d class
do RW Irvine 2d class
Greek LW Dyde 1st class
do AL Smith 1st class
English Literature HC Fowler 1st class
do A Givan 1st class
do J Young 1st class
History HC Fowler 1st class
do A Givan 1st class
do J Young 1st class
do HT Shibley 2d class

[margin]gold medalists[/margin]
It was found that the gold medals
had been gained as follows

[subject] [recipient]
Classics LW Dyde
mathematics & Physics JP Hume
chemistry JP Hume
mental & moral philosopy AR Linton
history & Eng. Literature HC Fowler
political economy JR O'Reilly

It was found that the Arts scholarships
had been gained as follows:

[scholarship] [award] [recipient]
Glass memorial $35 L Childerose
St. Andrew's Toronto $50 W Meikle
Grant $48 A Shortt
Toronto $60 J Iloq, honours of Grant
Kingston $35 W Nicol
+ These honours cancelled - Shibleys papers when re examined by
Mr JA Allen being valued at only 60 p.c.