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[margin]Ap. 23d 1881

to 25.

3: The Chancellor's - Value of each $50
(1) Specially intended for Arts students but open
to all - Should the study of Classics be optional
or compulsory?
(2) Specially for Divinity students but open
to all - Should the Presbyterian Church
in Canada return to the liturgy of the
time of Knox, or adopt a public worship
or liturgy in any form
(3) Specially for Medical Students but open to
all - How best to collect Brain Power
in youth so as to preserve it in health and
vigour for useful application in manhood
and old age.

[margin]passmen in theology[/margin]

On a review of the writen examinations
in Theology the SEnate sustained the University
Examination of the following students named int he order of merit:

1. James Ross
2. JW Mason
3. D McCannel
4. J Andrew
5. J Chisholm
6. ML Onley
7. G McArthur }
8. WE D'Argent } equal
9. LW Thom
10. WL Smith

1. J Ross
2. J Chisholm
3. D McCanel
4. G McArthur
5. D Forrest
6. LW Thom
7. WL Smith

Church History
1. J Ross
2. J Chisholm

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