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enumerated in the 15th clause of the Charter, namely Admonition, Reproof,
Suspension or Removal of the Principal and Professors can only
be inflicted after a complaint being first made and proven with reference
to Impropriety of Conduct, and that therefore no Professor now
holds his tenure of office merely during the pleasure of the Board
of Trustees.

Statute XV. The Senate is of the opinion that the Board of Trustees is not constituted
by the Charter a Court of Review over the [strikethrough] Statutes [/strikethrough] Senate in decisions
upon the qualifications of candidates for degrees or conferring of the same.

XVIII. The Senate would respectfully direct attention to the Statutes as
liable to misconstruction in its present form.

XX. The Senate is of opinion that the annual Calendar should be
prepared by the Principal after communication with the various
Faculty Boards and should be submitted to the Senate preparatory
to its being laid before the annual meeting of Trustees for [
strikethrough] that purpose [/strikethrough] approval.

XXVI. The Senate is of opinion that Diplomas should be signed not
only by the Principal, but also by at least four Professors in terms
of the 24th clause of the Charter. The 26th Statute and also
Statutes 25, 62-68, relate to Degrees, the regulation of which
devolves by the Charter upon the Senate and should therefore
be embodied in the By Laws of the Senate rather than in the
XXVII. General Statutes of the University. The Senate is of opinion
that the proceedings of any meeting of Senate legally constituted
should be valid when signed by the Chairman of said

XXXV. The Senate is of opinion that the Professors now in office were
appointed to perform the duties belonging to their respective chairs
and came under no obligation to perform any other. If they undertake
additional duties, it is entirely at their own option.

LV. Exemptions from attendance in prayers, being a matter of college
discipline, belongs properly to the College Senate.

LIX. The College Senate is of opinion that, as no exception is made
in the Charter, all persons whatever, resident in the College,
are placed under the academical superintendence and
discipline of the Senate.

LX. This Statute, requiring inquiry, proof and record of the action
of the [strikethrough] Students [/strikethrough] Senate in reviewing the conduct of the Students,
should be a By Law of the Senate to regulate cases of discipline.

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