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Feb. 22. 1872

[date] [subject] [examiners]
Friday March 15 Institutes of Medicine Drs. Sullivan & O. Yates
Saturday " 16 Practical Chemistry Prof. Dupuis
Monday " 18 Obstetrics Drs Fowler & Lavell
Tuesday " 19 Anatomy Drs Sullivan & Neish
Wednesday " 20 Jurisprudence Drs. Neish & Oliver
Thursday " 21 Botany Drs. H. Yates & Dupuis
The above mentioned examiners were also appointed
to examine the theses of intending graduates in
Medicine as they may arrange among themselves
and report to the Senate.

A. Fisher - examination
for B.A.

The University Class tickets of Alexander
Fisher, Drumbo, having been examined and
found satisfactory the following subjects were
prescribed for his examination for the degree
of B.A. :
Golbraith & Houghton's Mechanics
Whately's Logic, Book 2
Stewart's Outline, Part 2
Murray's Outlines of Hamilton
Tacitus, Antigone vs 1-600
Demosthenes Phil. 2

J. E. Burgess subject
of Thesis

A letter was read from J.E Burgess, B.A.,
Fergus, proposing several subjects for a Thesis for
the degree of M.A. Of these subjects the Senate
elected "Education".

John Pringles - matriculant

On the report and recommendation of
Professors Williamson, Mackerras, and Ferguson
by whom John Pringle of Galt had been
examined on the subjects of matriculation, he
was admitted to the rank of an undergraduate
in Arts.

Closed with prayer.

W Snodgrass, D.D.

J.B. Mowat

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