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Oct. 5th 1871

Queen's University October 5th 1871

The Senate met and was constituted.

Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professors
Williamson, Mowat, Murray, Mackerras,
Dupuis, and Ferguson.

Programme of

The Senate agreed on the following
arrangments of the examinations
for matriculation and for the Mowat and
Cataraqui Scholarships:

First year Second year Third year Fourth year
Thursday 9-12 mathematics classics chemistry nat. philosopy
2-5 classics mathematics mathematics metaphysics
Friday 9-12 classics English language classics nat. history
2-5 English grammar classics logic classics
Monday 9-12 Mowat Scholarship
2-5 Cataraqui scholarship
29 students

The following gentlemen presented
themselves for examination with a view to matriculation

17 of 1st year

First year
Henry Amey Asseltyne Kingston
William Nesbitt Chambers Oxford
John Cockburn Galt
Thomas Dickie Cumberland Mulmur
John Herald Dundas
Alexander Kennedy Bath
James McArthur Williams
Alexander McGillivray Collingwood
Charles McKillop Lanark
Archibald McMurchy King
Alexander McRae Lancaster
John Mordy Renfrew
Niel M. Curie Glencoe

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