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Ap. 11th 1865[


Thesis of J.P Machpherson
gn. in

The Thesis of Mr. J. P. Macpherson B.A.
was given in, and committed to Dr. Williamson
and Prof. Bell for examination.

Schedule of scholarships

The subject of scholarships was again taken
]up, and a schedule of those for 1865-6 was submitted
by Mr. McKerras and approved.

Adjourned till Monday next at twelve

Closed with prayer

W. Snodgrass

J.B. Mowat

[margin]April 17th 1865[/margin]

Queen's University April 17th 1865

The Senatus met and was constituted.

Sederunt the Principal, Professors Williamson,
Murray, Bell, and Mowat, and Rev. J. H.
McKerras Interim Professor of Classics.

The minutes of last meeting were read and

Answer to C. Boyd
of Belleville Seminary

In answer to a letter from Mr. C. Boyd
student of Belleville Seminary, the Senatus instructed
the Clerk to inform him that either of
the following alternatives is at his option: on producing
certificates of having gone through a two
years' course in the Belleville Seminary he will
be admitted to the matriculation examination as
a second year's student; or on producing evidence
that he is recognized by the University of Toronto
as an undergraduate of two years standing he will
be admitted in accordance with the Calendar to the
matriculation examination of third year students.

Prof. Mowat to deliver
closing address

Prof. Mowat was appointed to deliver
to the students the address at the next Convocation

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