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[margin]April 4th 1865[/margin]
for revisal to the committe before appointed, with
the addition of the Principal.

[tab]Adjourned till Friday next at a quarter
to one o'clock.
[tab]Closed with prayer
W.Snodgrass,[right align]J.B.Mowat
[tab]Principal[right align]Secretary[/right align]

[margin][April 7th 1865[/margin][right align]Queen's Uuiversity April 7th 1865[/right align]
[tab]The Senatus met and was constituted.
[tab]Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professors
Murray, Bell, and Mowat, and Rev. J.H.
McKerras Interim Professor of Classics.
[tab]The minutes of last meeting were read and

[margin]Honour marks[/margin][tab]The Report on honour marks was given
in, and in accordance with it the Senatus resolved
that there shall be the same scale of
marks for honour as for pass papers, and that
the value of the honour marks in each department
shall be half of the marks assigned to the
pass papers of the candidates added to half of those
assigned to his honur papers.

[margin]class ticket[/margin][tab]A form of class ticket and certificate was given
in and sustained.

[margin]J. Bell's Thesis[/margin][tab]Mr. John Bell B.A. gave in his Thesis,
and it was referred to Dr. Williamson
and Prof. Mowat for examination.

[margin]changes in calendar[/margin][tab]It was agreed that each Professor should
prepare and hand in to Principal Snodgrass
a note of the particulars connected with his own
department which it may be desirable to insert
in the Calendar for 1865-6.

[margin]Rev. Messrs. Bergue[/margin][tab]The Senatus being in possesson of satis-
[right align]factory[/right align]

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Line 43 of transcription: "factory is both a catchword and the continuation of the word "satisfactory." I broke from the rule here of completing a divided word in the line in which it begins, as I have been doing for margina; notes for clarity of comparison with the original.