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March 28th 1865


J.P. Macpherson applies
for M.A.

There was read a letter from J. Pennington
Macpherson B.A. intimating his desire of
taking the degree of M.A. at the close of the
present session, and proposing as the subject of
his thesis the Gold Mines of Canada. The subject
proposed was approved and the Clerk was
instructed to intimate to Mr. Macpherson that
his thesis must be given in by the 10th of April.

of estimating
honour papers

Prof. Murray was appinted to draw up
a form to be [?] used by candidates when intimating
their purpose of attending the University Examination.

form of notes for applications
for examination

It was referred to Professors Murray and
Bell to report on the mode of estimating the
Honour papers.

Report on scholarships

The Report on Scholarships was read,
and laid on the table till next meeting.

Adjourned till Friday next at a quarter
to one o'clock.

Closed with prayer.

W. Snodgrass

J.B. Mowat

March 31st 1865

Queen's University, March 31st 1865

The Senatus met and was constituted.

Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professors
Murray, Bell, and Mowat.

The minutes of last meeting were read
and approved.

Amt. granted by
Trustees for prizes

There was read a letter from William
Ireland Esq. Secretary to the Trustees intimating
that the Trustees had agreed to grant for
prizes the amount requested by the Senatus.

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