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. 1864-1865
March 17 1865 the 21st instant at a quarter to one o'clock. Closed with prayer. W. Snodgrass, Principal. J. B. Mowat, Secretary.
March 21 1865 Queen's University March 21 1865. ~ The Senaters met and was constituted. Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, and Professors Williamson, Murray, Bell, and Mowat, and Reverend J. H. Mckerras Interim Professor of Classics. ~ The minutes of last meeting were read and approved.
Reply to Thomas Macintyre of Belleville Seminary There was read a letter from Mr. Thomas Macintyre of the Belleville Seminary enquiring whether he would be allowed to enter this University next sesion as a student of the second year on presenting a certificate of having attended one session at the above Seminary. The Clerk was instructed to inform him that his attendance for one session at the Belleville Seminary will entitle him to be admitted next session to the matriculation examination as a second year student in the curriculum of three years, provided he present a certificate of having passed the first year or senior examination in the University of Toronto with which the Seminary is affiliated, and that without such a certificate he will be admitted to the matriculation examination as a second year student in the curriculum of four years.
Reply to James S. Sprague of Victoria College In answer to a letter of inquiry from James S. Sprague, the Secretary was instructed to inform him that he will be admitted next session

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