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[Center]1864-5[/center][right align]148[/right align]
[margin]Feb. 17th 1865[/margin]
lay before the next meeting a scheme of the changes
in the studies of the various classes, and
the other new arrangements which the extension
of the curriculum will render necessary.

[margin] Regulations for exam-[/margin][tab]It was agreed to take up at next
[margin]ination[/margin]meeting a draft of regulations anent examinations
prepared by the Committee to whom
it was referred.

[tab]Closed with prayer

W.Snodgrass[right align]J.B.Mowat[/right align]
[tab]Principal[right align]Secretary[/right align]

[margin]March. 2d 1865[/margin][right align]Queens University, March 2d 1865[right align]
[tab]The Senatus met and was constituted.

[tab]Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professors Williamson,
Murray, Bell and Mowat and Rev. J.H
McKerras Interim Professor of Classics.

[tab]The minutes of last meeting were read and

[margin]Letter from treasurer[/margin][tab]There was read a letter from the Treasurer
[margin]anent a/cd.[/margin]of the Board of Trustees intimating that he was
forbidden by the Board to pay hereafter any account
until the same shall be certified by the

[margin]Letter from Missionary[/margin][tab]There was read a letter from0
[margin]Society of Un. of Glasgow[/margin]the Missionary Society of the University of Glasgow
[margin refusing bursary[/margin]intimating that from the want of funds and other
reasons, the Society had resolved not to continue
the bursary in and of Divinity Student[s] of
this University.

[margin]Report on Arts curriculum[/margin][tab]The Report of the Committee appointed to
[margin]laid over[/margin]draw up a scheme of the changes requested by the
proposed extension of the Arts curriculum was then
taken up, and after being discussed it was laid on
[right align]the[/right align]

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